At Resource Pro, our mission is to educate borrowers on government loan programs and to provide eligibility tests which provides measured results on behalf of state and federal chartered banks.

The Mortgage Reform Act of 2009 mandates that all refinance loans provide a Net Tangible Benefit to the borrower. In order to take advantage of lower rates borrowers must pass a Net tangible Benefit’s Test. Passing the Net Tangible Benefit’s Test gives the borrower peace of mind that the benefit of the transaction outweighs any expense that may be associated with the loan.

The purpose of any rate reduction refinance transaction is to lower your payment. However, the bottom line is this: If the payment reduction is not enough, the loan may not be an actual, tangible, benefit for you and your family. Here, at Resource Pro, total borrower satisfaction is our main goal, which is accomplished when the borrower receives the lower payment they and their family deserve.